Tree Donation Information

The City Parks are accepting trees to be planted in memory of a loved one or in honor of an occasion.

We ask that you contact a member of the Park Board or City Hall, 712-642-3502, as where to plant the tree you want to donate.  There are designated locations that the trees can be planted.

The list of trees that cannot be planted are:

Prohibited Trees.  The following list contains trees that are not allowed to be planted in the street or parking:

Ash (any variety)               European Mountain Ash                White Poplar

Mulberry             Catalpa                 Willows

Black Locust        Tree of Heaven Austrian Pine

Russian Olive      Weeping Birch   Lombardy Poplar

Bolleana Poplar                 Silver Maple       White Birch

Paper Birch         Siberian/Chinese Elm      Evergreens

Walnut Cotton-Bearing Cottonwood

Box Elder

Any fruit-bearing or thorn-bearing trees.

You can purchase the trees wherever you would like, we just ask that they are sizable trees.

If you would like to put a memorable stone or maker by your tree, we ask that you keep the size of the marker within the mulched area by the tree.

Thank you, the Missouri Valley City Park Board.