Illegal Dumping

The City of Missouri Valley is asking for help from our citizens. There has been illegal dumping at the Tree Dump.  Illegal dumping is anything that isn’t allowed at the site such as garbage, furniture, appliances, or oil.  Anyone caught illegally dumping will be subject to a fine and could potentially cause the Tree Dump to close. If anyone sees this activity, please report it to the Missouri Valley Police Department.

Tree Dump Rules

  1. The Tree Dump is for properties located within City Limits only.
  2. All Trees and vegetation must be from properties within City Limits.
  3. Only Trees, Grass, Leaves, and Garden Waste.  No Appliances, Furniture, Plastic Bags, Garbage,  Concrete, or Lumber.
  4. Only dump in the designated areas.
  5. Lock the gate when you leave.
  6. Keys must be returned before 5 p.m. the same day.
  7. No keys will be checked out over the weekend without the Street Superintendent’s permission.

Misuse of the rules will take away your privileges.  Please help take care of the Missouri Valley Tree Dump.