Public Notice to Bid

The City of Missouri Valley, Iowa will receive written bids for lawn care maintenance to the area generally known as “Rose Hill Cemetery” in accordance with the

following specifications:


  1. Provide all equipment and labor required to keep the cemetery well manicured.
  2. Will clean the area referred to, mow all grass, trim all hedges and planting to the satisfaction of the City and as directed by the City Clerk.
  3. Submit proposal for one year (April 15, 2023 through October 30, 2023).
  4. Include prices for optional spraying: Broadleaf (spring and fall), Crabgrass (spring).
  5. Will be required to provide proof of $100,000 liability insurance.


Written proposals to be submitted to the City Clerk’s office, 223 E. Erie,

Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555, no later than February 28, 2023.


Published by order of the City of Missouri Valley.