Water Department

Utility Billing Policies and Procedures

Missouri Valley, Iowa

Hours of operation

Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm - 712-642-3502

After hours Water Emergencies – 888-861-1921

Utilities consist of:

Water (billed by the gallon)

Sewer (average water consumption of January, February and March)

Land Fill (flat rate)

Customer shall be billed on a monthly basis according to the appropriate rate on the first day of the month. Bills are associated with a property, unless the property has no impervious area and no water service line. Properties with water turned off at the curb stop are subject to a monthly Land Fill fee.

Utility rates are established through the budgeting process, approved by the City Council. Rates can be viewed on this website or contact the office for more information.

Utility bill payments can be made as follows:

*Automatic clearing house payment (ACH) option, payments are automatically deducted from the customer’s financial intuition account on the 8th day of the month.

*Credit card payments may be made over the phone, at the City Hall or via our website at www.cityofmissourivalley.frontdeskgworks.com/.

A convenience fee will apply of $2.00 for under $40.00; for payments over $40.00 it is 2.49%.

*E-check payments may be made on our website at www.cityofmissourivalley.frontdeskgworks.com/.

*Cash, Check or Money order by mail or at the counter inside the City Hall at 223 East Erie Street.

*At drop box located outside City Hall at the East Erie Street entrance.

Establishing Service

Customers must contact the City of Missouri Valley Utility Billing office in person or by phone to initiate service.  A meter reading will be obtained on the date requested and the account will be activated for billing if the following procedures are satisfied.

New Customers

Customers who have not previously had City of Missouri Valley utilities in their name must either come to the City Hall to complete an application form or the application can also be found on the City’s website. After the application is filled out in full it must be returned to the City Hall. A state issued I. D. must be provided.  Customers requesting service in a business name must also complete IRS Form W-9.

New, Existing and Prior Customers

Must provide a Deposit of $100.00. The Deposit will be refunded after service is terminated.

Discontinuing Service

Customers must contact the City of Missouri Valley City Hall in person or by phone to discontinue service. A meter reading will be obtained on the date requested. A final bill is issued when a new owner is established. In the case of a tenant discontinues service, the utility bill will revert to the Landlords name and that Landlord will be responsible for the utility bill until a new tenant sets up services in their name.

Return Checks and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Rejects

If the City receives insufficient payments from customers for utility account payments a $30.00 surcharge will be billed to their utility account. If Insufficient payments from a customer occurs two times in any given period of twelve months, the City of Missouri Valley will enforce a “cash payment only policy” for one calendar year of said insufficient payments.

Delinquent Accounts

Customers receive monthly billing. Customers are responsible for all billings while the account is in their name. Account balances remaining after the 15th of the month are subject to a 10% monthly penalty. The day after bill is due a 30 Day reminder and a 60 Day Shut off letter will be mailed.

*The Pink 30 Day Warning serves as a reminder.

*The City of Missouri Valley will shut off any customers delinquent 60 Days and have a delinquent balance of $15.00 or more. If the customer is still 60 Days delinquent, 24 hours before the scheduled shut off, a $15.00 Door Hanger will be placed on the property.

Disconnection Due to Nonpayment

In the event of a disconnection, a $100.00 disconnect fee is charged to the customer. $30.00 is nonrefundable and $70.00 is refundable after one year of on time payments.

*An “Agreement to Pay” may be filled out to avoid disconnection of services. The customer must contact the City of Missouri Valley Utility Billing office in person to receive the “Agreement to Pay.” The Customer must fill out the “Agreement to Pay” in full and adhere to all rules and regulations.

*The water will not be turned on until the entire account balance and $100.00 disconnect fee is paid in full including the $15.00 Door Hanger. The account will not be turned on in a new customer’s name unless it has been established that the new customer had not occupied the premise when the past balance was incurred.

Final Bills

Bills not paid will be submitted to the State of Iowa Offset Program with a $50.00 administrative fee.

Property Owners

Utility bills that are delinquent may be turned over to the Harrison County Treasurer as a property tax lien with a $100.00 administrative fee.

Maintenance of Water pipes, Shutoff and Curb Stop by Owner

All costs and expenses incident to the installation, connection, and maintenance of the water service pipe from the main, including the connection and curb valve on the main to the meter for the building served shall be borne by the owner. The owner shall indemnify the City from any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly be occasioned by the installation or maintenance of said water service pipe. When any portion of the water service pipe which is the responsibility of the property owner becomes defective or creates a nuisance and the owner fails to correct such nuisance the City may do so and assess the costs thereof to the property. There shall be installed a shut-off valve (hand valve) on every service pipe inside the building as close to the entrance of the pipe within the building as possible and so located that the water can be shut off conveniently. Where one service pipe supplies more than one customer within the building, there shall be separate valves for each such customer so that service may be shut off for one without interfering with service to the others.

Turning on and off the Water Curb Stop

It is unlawful for any person except the Superintendent to turn water on at the curb valve, and no person, unless specifically authorized by the City, shall open or attempt to draw water from any fire hydrant for any purpose whatsoever.


Single-family residence meters are provided by the City. Any meter larger than a single-family residence shall be paid to the City by the property owner or customer prior to the installation of any such meter by the City, or, at the sole option of the City, the property owner or customer may be required to purchase and install such meter in accordance with requirements established by the City.   

Owner’s Duty to Protect Meter(s) from Danger

If it is found that damage to the meter has occurred due to the carelessness or negligence of the customer or property owner, or the meter is not owned by the City, then the property owner shall be liable for the cost of new meter, repairs, and labor.

The Superintendent shall be permitted to enter the premises of any customer at any reasonable time to read, remove, or change a meter.

Tampering with Devices

Tampering is not allowed. If any form of tampering is found, including but not limited to water theft, unauthorized consumption, unmetered consumption, and/or a threat to public health and safety, the City may press charges against the property owners and/or responsible parties.

Frequently asked Questions

My water bill has been significantly higher the last couple months. Could this indicate I have a leak somewhere?

Yes, a noticeable increase in water consumption could indication of a leak in your home. One of the most common culprits is the toilet. Even though a toilet isn’t running, it can still be leaking water. If you suspect a problem, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and let it set for several hours. If the dye has colored the water in the bowl, there is a leak. Also, look inside the tank for water going into the overflow pipe. If a problem is identified, contact a plumber to make repairs.

You may also want to check for dripping faucets. It is amazing how many gallons of water are wasted in this way. A simple washer replacement is often an easy, inexpensive repair that can eliminate drips in faucets.

Another way to check for evidence of leaks is to read your water meter before retiring for the night. Check it again first thing in the morning. If the reading has increased and no water was used during the night, you may have a leak. Remember to account for ice makers, humidifiers, or other appliances that operate during the night hours.

Lastly, never underestimate the amount of water that is consumed for normal, everyday tasks around the home. Here are some average water consumption amounts for routine household tasks:

Shower         25 – 50 gallons (5 – 10 gallons/minute)

Bath                                        36 gallons (full tub)

Toilet flush   5 – 7 gallons (less for low-flow toilets!)

Brushing teeth                        2 gallons (tap running)

Hand washing                        2 gallons (tap running)

Shaving                                  2 gallons (tap running)

Dish washing                         2 gallons (tap running)

Automatic dishwashing        12 gallons (tap running)

Clothes washer                 30 – 60 gallons (full cycle)

Outdoor watering               5 – 10 gallons per minute


The Water Treatment Plant is located at 524 West Huron. People Services operates the City's Water treatment plant.