The City of Missouri Valley finds that there are now and may in the future be vacant buildings that are inadequately maintained so as to create or contribute to a blight, depress market values of surrounding properties, require additional government services, and endanger public health and safety.

City has adopted ordinance to facilitate the identification, registration, inspection and standard maintenance of vacant buildings in order to:

  • Preserve and promote public health, safety prosperity and general welfare.
  • Abate and prevent public and private nuisances and potential fire hazards
  • Promote neighborhood stability and occupancy by preserving the condition and appearance of properties.
  • Maintain property values and assessments.


Owner of a vacant property whether vacant and secured or vacant and unsecured shall register with the City no later than the earliest of: Required annually

  1. 60 days after the premises becomes vacant
  2. 30 days after the transfer of ownership, or 30 days after a bank or financial institution directly or through an agent or servicing company, initiates foreclosure proceedings by filing a summons and complaint with courts.
  • Residential Structure - $250
  • Commercial Structure - $375

Restoration Agreement

Owner may choose to enter into a restoration agreement with the City in lieu of a registration process

  1. Owner must provide proof of ownership of the building
  2. Current building code inspection within the last 12 months or a new code inspection completed
  3. Line-Item bid for repair of items identified through the Code Inspection
  4. Refundable deposit on file with the City
    1. RA Deposit $1500
  5. Timeline for Completing Work
    1. Permits required to be submitted within 30 days of signing RA
    2. Work completed 100% (unless otherwise agreed upon) within 6 months of signing RA
  6. RA Requires continuous progress on the project throughout the timeline of the agreement. City has the right to cancel the agreement if the terms are not being met.
  7. Failure to complete the requirements of the RA by the determined due date will negate the agreement and the VBR fee will be applied and levied as a special assessment to the property taxes.


  • A property that is undergoing active renovation or rehabilitation with a valid permit for the same has been issued
  • A property that is actively being offered for sale or lease or is actively being offered for rent shall be exempt from registration for 9 months from which such listing or advertising commended. After such time, the property will no longer be exempt and must comply with registration requirements.
  • Property that is actively part of an estate sale that is in probate and not subject to bankruptcy
  • Property that is a vacant lot without a structure.
  • Property owned by governmental bodies are exempt from the requirements of Vacant Building Registration
  • Property that is the primary residence of a member of the armed forces on active duty.
  • Property that is used by the owner on a seasonal basis for a period of at least 3 months within the previous 9 months.