Campaign Sign Locations

Campaign signs may be placed in the following locations with the permission of the property owner:

  • Residential Property
  • Agricultural Land
  • Property Leased for Residential Purposes
  • Vacant Lots
  • Property Owned by an Organization
  • Campaign Headquarters

Signs shall NOT be paced on the following:

  • Any property owned by the State or a Governing Body of a County, City, or other Political Subdivision of the State AND/OR Public Right-of-Way
    • If a sign has been improperly placed, the sign shall be removed by the Missouri Valley Police Department
  • Property Owned, Leased, or Occupied by a Prohibited Contributor
  • Property Without the Permission of the Property Owner
  • On Election Day
    • Premise of any Polling Place
    • Within 300 Feet of a Polling Place

For a full list of the Campaign Sign Rules, please visit